installation view (a)
Third Floor Window Gallery
Pittsburgh, PA
September 4 - 5, 2021

installation view (b)
Under Pressure 
Group show with Kellie Bornhoft, Hannah Elijah, Liam Ze’ev O’Connor, Justin Clifford Rhody
Co-Opt Research + Projects
Lubbock, TX
September - November, 2021

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Under Pressure
aims to create dialogue between artists and art works about the myriad pressures of the contemporary moment: the pressures we exert as well as the pressures placed upon us.
In the center of the gallery, Kerry Butcher has placed a shattered stone (Untitled) atop a mound of soil and wood ash, as a kind of footstone or grave marker, and on the wall above, her video Present (Absence) plays, depicting found aerial footage of a burial at sea, with the sound of a ticking clock, as “a study of the inaccessible spaces for grieving and the in-flux nature of closure during this time.”

Present (Absense), 2021, video, 8:59min
Untitled, 2021, soil, wood ash, fractured headstone

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 kerry butcher